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Finding JOY in the JOURNEY...

Beyond Therapy was founded with very humble beginnings.  In 2010, I moved back home to Schulenburg with my family. I was working in nursing homes and seeing some home health patients for a little over a year.  After my youngest daughter was born in 2012, I decided that it was time to change things up a little. I began taking referrals for private speech therapy services. One referral lead to several others, and I found myself needing formal office space. I opened the doors of my first clinic in downtown Schulenburg, October 2012. It wasn't long before the schedule was full, and the days were busy.

In October of 2013, Taylor Saucedo joined joined Beyond Therapy as an amazing physical therapist.  We made a great team!  She supported every effort and adventure.  She gave her all to help grow our practice.

We grew beyond the walls of our first clinic within the first two years. We found our new home at 411 Summit Street.  The clinic was perfect, and it gave us room to grow even more.  We expanded our physical therapy program and added group therapies and summer camps.  Angela Srubar also joined the crew in 2016.  She has a bachelor of arts degree in social work.  She manages the clinic and provides case management services.  I am thankful for her motivation and patience every single day! 

In 2017, Taylor and her family relocated to San Antonio.  It was a bitter sweet change.  We miss her dearly, and are so very thankful for the time and adventures we shared!  We are also proud and happy for her as she turns the page to begin a new chapter.  In the midst of change, there was also growth!  Three more therapists joined our family.  Allison Charanza came on as our evaluating and supervising physical therapist.  Her smile, laugh, and positive mindset is a priceless package!  Enter Tanner Guentert, physical therapist assistant. She is the queen of multidisciplinary carry over.  She is strong in mind, body and spirit.  This girl keeps us all on the level!  And, last - but not least -  Megan Taylor joined the crew.  She is an adventurous {{marathon running}} and intelligent {{4.0 earning}} Speech-Language Pathologist that never skips a beat.  I am thankful beyond words to work along side this girl!!

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