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Professionals committed to guiding clients in the development of pathways to living, learning & growing wisely, helping each student, person, group, or entity reach full potential in all areas of development. They offer a diverse range of research-based programs and services to tailor their mission. To carry out this mission, Hatch utilizes contracted providers that include experienced professional educators, program specialists and independently certified/licensed practitioners including BCBAs focused on creating conditions for success and growing wise.

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Jack and  Mary's

Jack and Mary’s is a communal location where families and people of all ages gather to interact and socialize. The multi-use space is used for retail, as well as breakfast and lunch food and beverage options. Additionally, it will be used for an educational work space for And Then members, monthly farmers market, pop-up shops, and special organized events. The outdoor yard area will have food trucks, an inclusive playground for optimal sensory advancement, social connection areas, and a Bicycle/Tricycle Share station. Furthermore, it will give members of And Then an opportunity to continue building on their work skills through these offerings. Jack and Mary’s is a communal space that encourages positive social interaction and inclusion among individuals of all ages and abilities.

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Turtle Wing Foundation

Turtle Wing was founded to help families in rural areas who have children with learning challenges gain access to early intervention, supplemental or educational services for their children. The mission of Turtle Wing Foundation is “helping children with learning challenges in rural areas achieve their full potential”. Turtle Wing was founded in 2011 in memory of Jackson Allan Hooper. Jack, who was diagnosed with high functioning Autism, passed from this life too soon just prior to his 10th birthday and in doing so sparked a fire within his family and community to help families who struggle with all learning differences. They personally help qualifying children at Beyond Therapy by giving scholarships to help families with financial support.

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Stanzel Family Foundation, Inc

The Stanzel Family Foundation's mission is to encourage and support an educated and healthy community. Their vision is to be active partners in community education and health, empowering generations of engaged citizen philanthropists. View their website to learn more about the scholarships, grants, and programs they offer.

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St. Mark's Medical Center

St. Mark's Medical Center is not-for-profit hospital providing Advanced Healthcare Close to Home for patients in the central Texas communities of Fayette and surrounding counties. Their comprehensive health services, advanced technologies and medical specialists rival those of major metropolitan institutions. 

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