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Observations, Consults, and More

Dedicated to Serving You...

At Beyond Therapy, our therapists are dedicated to serving you and your family in the best way possible, making the experiences at our clinic enjoyable, fun, and stress-free. To ensure that clients and their family feel comfortable with our clinic and staff, we offer free consults before the initial evaluation to answer questions and to determine if our services in the clinic meet the needs of the patient and the family before beginning services.

Our therapists also perform home and school observations. By observing a child in the school or home environment, a therapist can make realistic and practical recommendations and modifications specific to that child in their natural environment. Environmental observations allow for establishment of best treatment goals and also collaboration between family, teachers, and therapists which can optimize a client's success.

With established patients, our therapists are available to attend and advocate for students at ARD meetings and collaborate with parents and teachers so that we can establish the best plan of care to ensure success. 

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